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DEKEJIE is a trustworthy manufacturer of high quality doctor blades used in a wide range of printing applications, such as flexographic printing, gravure printing, offset printing, and coating equipment. Doctor blades are indispensable printing equipment components as they scrape away excess ink from printing parts to prevent buildup that can smear and ruin workpieces. All of our doctor blades are made using premium quality steel from Germany to ensure a consistent level of quality performance. We can help you choose the right doctor blade according to your specific application requirements. Contact us today to learn more! Contact us

  • Quality:
    our raw materials are quality steel imported from Europe with high hardness and excellent wearability.
  • Innovation:
    we have 9 auto production lines through independent R&D, with an annual output of 50000 boxes.
  • Service:
    we offer options for manufacturing materials and techniques to fit the needs of our customers.
  • Main Products
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      1. Enhanced Carbon Steel Doctor Blade, Item CL-40 Doctor Blade
      2. Enhanced Carbon Steel Doctor Blade, Item CL-40 Doctor BladeThe doctor blade is made with the newest high quality carbon steel from Germany, ensuring excellent wear-resistance. This carbon steel doctor blade is suitable for gravure and flexo printing, with gravure printing speed ≤350m/min, flexo printing speed ≤400m/min
      1. Standard Coating Doctor Blade, Item KT-65 Doctor BladeCompared to other doctor blade types, the special coating on this beveled shape doctor blade, KT-65 doctor blade ensures a better viscosity and durability in order to improve the blade lifespan and corrosion resistance This doctor blade is suitable for printing presses with a maximum speed of around 400m/minute.
      1. Stainless Steel Doctor Blade, Item SL-45 Doctor Blade
      2. Stainless Steel Doctor Blade, Item SL-45 Doctor BladeWhen using water-based ink print patterns, rust becomes a larger risk for doctor blades. To prevent that, the SL-45 stainless steel doctor blade is made of a German 4037YR stainless steel for a better corrosion resistance.
      1. Rotogravure Printing Press Doctor Blade, Item DT-90 Ceramic Coated Doctor BladeThe DT-90 Rotogravure printing press doctor blade is the upgraded version of our JT-70 doctor blade model. Its coating gives the blade good durability, making it especially suitable for use with abrasive resistant ink and plate cylinders.

    DEKEJIE employs professional doctor blade production machines and our engineers are all highly experienced industry experts in the field of doctor blade production. We also provide customization services where customers can choose their desired materials, size, and edge for their doctor blades.

  • Material
    Customers can choose from our hardness material coating doctor blades, stainless steel doctor blades.
  • Size
    DEKEJIE can customize doctor blades with a width range of 10-80mm and 0.15-0.5mm thickness.
  • Blade edge
    We can provide doctor blades with round edges, beveled edges and lamella edges.
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